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Glowing Testimonials And Positive Reviews For Jonathan Cook



Jon’s counsel helped me regain my life

I was facing an unfounded merit-less allegation [Title IX sexual assault] in an unfair system with nowhere to turn. Not only that, but I had complaints of my own that I did not even know how to put into words, or begin in a facially skewed proceeding. Although the system in place was not fair, with Jon’s guidance I could prevail and put the transgression against me into action. I do not think I could have faced the proceedings if it were not for Jon’s counsel and support. Jon helped me help myself seek justice.

Jon cares about his clients. He would often talk during weekends, holidays and even during a family emergency. Jon was there for me during this terrible and chaotic time. Other lawyers may keep their clients in the dark as to strategy and options but Jon is transparent at every step. He is earnest in his consults and will tell you his opinions straight up. Aside from his transparent demeanor, Jon’s tactic to give “marching orders” gave me a sense of agency during the proceeding. Some clients may feel that this is burdensome. But it is quite the opposite. I believe that these “marching orders” affords a client the ability to shape the narrative and allows Jon a handle of the situation from his client’s point of view. This tactic proved invaluable to establish a narrative based on the client’s needs.  

Other than the legal support, Jon went above and beyond in his care of my emotional health. There were many times where I suffered from panic attacks. Jon reacted to this with kindness and care outside of his purview as a legal representative. I gained confidence in my cases’ position because Jon was just a phone call or text away. This was something I never expected from a lawyer. But Jon is no ordinary lawyer. Jon understood my financial situation and could accommodate and work with me to establish a reasonable payment timetable.

I cannot put into words how all of Jon’s care and considerations afforded me to take back my life. He is worth every penny. But his results, his care, and his humanity are priceless. If you are facing a situation where you believe you may need a lawyer, look no further than Jon. This is because you are not just getting a zealous advocate with his services, you are getting a friend and all in your corner of the ring when you may feel alone. You don’t have to be alone. Jon will be there for you.

-Anonymous, April 16, 2019

University Appeal For Code of Conduct Violation

I initially contacted Jonathan for a consultation regarding an urgent code of conduct issue involving my son at his university. Not only did Jonathan return my call within an hour, he easily understood our dilemma and offered valuable counsel. As part of the appeal process, we engaged Jonathan to assist with our effort where he provided sound guidance and stayed with us every step of the way. Given the very tight timeline, the amount of information required for the appeal and the overall anxiety we were dealing with, Jonathan was able to quickly pull together a very cohesive and compelling strategy. In the end, we prevailed on the appeal and my son is now in the process of completing his education. I am very pleased with the outcome in large part because of Jonathan.

- Chuck, June 9, 2019

Would definitely hire again (hopefully I won't need to..)

I was charged with Disorderly Conduct as a student in DC when I retained Jon. He walked me through the entire college disciplinary process, eventually helping me to have my charges dropped without any sanctions while my roommates and friends with the same charge got probation. As someone who is currently applying for graduate schools, it's a huge relief to not have to worry about having any black marks on my transcript! Jon is incredible at what he does and I would recommend him to any of my friends facing college charges.


Knowledgeable, Determined and Sharp!

Jon handled a civil matter for me last year. I don't write reviews often but he absolutely deserves a fantastic one. After explaining my situation to Jon, he took the time to come up with a really smart plan of action and got me a result I am so grateful for!

Jon made me comfortable every step of the way! He is relentless, quick thinking, and never made me feel like my case was a waste of his time. I would absolutely recommend him to friends and colleagues.


Great lawyer!

Mr. Cook represented me in a juvenile proceeding and was able to get the charge dismissed. Very Professional, and got the job done. I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to represent me as my lawyer.


A True Professional

If I had one word to describe Jon, it would be professional. To me, there is no question he is an absolute subject matter expert in his field. But in addition to that, he is thoughtful, friendly, and extremely thorough. Jon was knowledgeable in every aspect of my case, and it should go without saying, made sure the desired outcome was achieved. Worth every penny.


Professional | Successful | Dedicated

I hired Jon to represent me in a matter recently and could not have been more pleased with the outcome. He was knowledgeable, professional, and he handled the entire case flawlessly. I was in a tough spot and really needed my hand held through the process and he was there for me every step of the way. Jon clearly had done thorough research on the subject and was able to obtain a successful outcome for me. He's fantastic and I highly recommend him.